Monday, November 16, 2015

Is a Vegan Burger at Wendy’s Next?

Grocerant niche Mix and Match meal component bundling  (4-for-$4) help drive Wendy’s  sales in its North America up as they reported an increase 3.1 percent during the third quarter, leading the chain to raise its sales guidance for the full fiscal year. Wendy’s new 4-for-$4 promotion also contributed to the improved outlook, CEO Emil Brolick said in a statement.  

Foodservice Solutions® Grocerant Guru® stated “the halo of better for you and customer empowerment is a key driver of the ongoing success of Grocerant niche Mix & Match meal component bundling promotions which tie closely to The FIVE P’s of Food Marketing

So what’s next, capitalize on the ‘halo of better for you’ at Wendy’s?  One of the products the burger chain has in test in the pursuit of its cut-above menu strategy is a black bean burger, revealed outgoing CEO Emil Brolick. He wasn’t forthcoming on the particulars, but did note the product “remains under evaluation,” meaning it’s not being written off yet as a wild-hair idea.

Wendy’s is not first at trying a vegan burger, Burger King has tried a veggie burger in the past, and McDonald’s currently sells one in overseas markets.  To date North American consumers haven’t warmed to the notion of a meatless patty, but signs abound that attitudes may be changing. But “plant forward” is a new buzz phrase catching hold on leading-edge restaurants. It’s also been heard from the menu-development team at Panera Bread

‘Better for you’ is not limited to food at Wendy’s. Todd Penegor, who will replace Brolick as CEO in May under a preset succession plan, pulled the curtain back on what Wendy’s is doing tech-wise. Like many other quick-service chains, he revealed,” 

Wendy’s is wading into pre-ordering and payment via smart phones.”  In addition, it’s experimenting with the complementary use of beacons, a device getting considerable attention but so far little actual use in the quick-service sector. The beacons would enable customers to pay for their orders at the counter and drive-thru without having to take their phones out of pockets or purses, Penegor said. That capability could shave precious seconds off transaction times.

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