Thursday, November 12, 2015

UberRush is an Empowered Food Start-Up Disrupting the Foodservice Status Quo

Many legacy restaurant chains are capitulating market share by way of continued year over year customer count declines.  What is even more bothersome is many continue operating today using the business of 1980 or 1990.  Yes, they look more like yesterday’s restaurants than tomorrow’s successful food retailer. 

Chef’s and food entrepreneur wannabes no longer have to build a restaurant, or build more restaurants to grow a brand or serve the entire city.  The new model is empowering Start-Ups, adopting to the new food retail playing field  from chefs, food marketing managers, and chain operators and could in time disrupt many a legacy restaurant chain.

Restaurants and other food business owners have thought about offering delivery, but decided against it for a plethora of reasons including “our food does not travel well’, time, logistics infrastructure, and cost considerations.  
Those excuses are gone now that UberRush is now offering them the option of its delivery services so that these businesses don't have to build their own. Here is one example, UberRush has partnered with ChowNow in San Francisco, New York and San Francisco to provide delivery services for restaurants. The two expect to work together in more cities soon.

Uber and ChowNow, an online ordering and marketing platform for restaurants, are partnering to bring a delivery option to thousands of restaurants that use ChowNow for their online and mobile ordering.  The big point however is that you don’t even need a retail outlet.

UberRush can deliver your branded Ready-2-Eat and Heat-N-Eat fresh prepared food from a home kitchen, commercial kitchen, industrial warehouse or anywhere you chose to manufacture, assemble  and market your food from. 

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