Wednesday, November 25, 2015

McDonald’s Focus is Fresh Food Fast at Fastbite

When Foodservice Solutions® Grocerant Guru® said don’t discount McDonald’s he did so knowing that McDonald’s understands consumers want fresh food fast!  Expanding innovation in service McDonald’s is now leveraging Caviar to start delivering McDonald’s to offices around New York.

It began this week as Caviar’s quick delivery service, “Fastbite, will be serving up McDonald’s sausage McMuffin and hash browns for five bucks. Fastbite promises to deliver meals in 15 minutes or less to hungry workers at lunchtime. This is the second major food chain that Caviar has teamed up with, after Chipotle.”

Caviar is now a subsidiary of Square, which has been bulking up its restaurant services since acquiring Caviar last August. This year, the company acquired Fastbite and added a point-of-sale interface geared toward bartenders. The partnership with McDonald’s is helping to solidify its position in the fast-food delivery space.

We all know that NYC is the ‘City that never sleeps’!  What a perfect tie-up promotion as McDonald’s recently made their breakfast menu available all day to the delight of many.  This is Fresh Food Fast and McDonald’s is now delivering breakfast in NYC whenever you do sleep in NYC McDonald’s breakfast is only 15 minutes away! Success does leave clues and McDonalds picks them up!   

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  1. I once tried to make hamburgers like McDonalds, and I ordered a Spanish meat and they were even more delicious.

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