Wednesday, June 2, 2021

Disruption DoorDash Partners with Beyond Meat for Direct 2 Consumer


Who is selling to your customers? What new avenue of distribution are you selling your branded food? Does your brand look more like yesterday that today or tomorrow?  When you think about a disruptive new competitor do you ever think about you contract delivery partner or your protein supplier?  Those are just a few of the questions Steven Johnson, Grocerant Guru® at Tacoma, WA based Foodservice Solutions® ask after reading the following press release recap.

So, DoorDash, the nation's leading last-mile logistics platform, announced today a partnership with Beyond Meat, a leader in plant-based meat, to offer limited-edition, July 4th grilling kits to help customers host the ultimate BBQ featuring this summer’s hottest grilling essential: the sizzling new Beyond Burger. The kits are available exclusively on DoorDash for on-demand delivery from DashMart, a new type of convenience store owned, operated, and curated by DoorDash. 

Battle for Share of Stomach

Restaurants, grocery stores continue battling for a larger Share of Stomach particularly during the summer months according to Johnson.  Now to of their key suppliers are selling direct to consumers?  Johnson believes that it is a good move for both Beyond Meat and DoorDash.  Both DoorDash and Beyond Meat are ‘young companies that have built strong consumer facing brands.  

So, as many people prepare for a summer of grilling and gathering, this new meal kit offer provides a seamless way for consumers to get their grilling essentials without taking a last-minute trip to the grocery store. According to a national consumer survey that polled 1,000 U.S. adults: 

·         Grilling is king: Nearly three quarters (73%) of Americans agree that grilling is a must-do activity this summer -- more than visiting family (69.4%), traveling long distances (42.7%) and going on dates (36.1%).

·         Plant-based meat -- good for you and for BBQ: Consumers are increasingly reaching for plant-based options. Over three quarters (78%) of Americans want plant-based meat at cookouts and BBQs, and more than half (65%) are choosing plant-based options to eat healthier -- particularly millennials.

·         Delivery to the cookout rescue: Nearly everyone (91%) can relate to needing supplies in a pinch. More than half (60%) of Americans admit to shopping for their BBQ supplies last-minute, with nearly three-quarters (72%) forgetting an item when they do so. 

Yet, there  is more, in addition to the Beyond Burger, the grilling kits offer a custom grilling mit, apron, grilling tools, a bottle opener and a recipe card with custom dishes. The new burger is crafted to look, cook and taste like beef while offering strong nutritional benefits—such as: 35% less fat, 35% less saturated fat, fewer calories and no cholesterol compared to an 80/20 ground beef burger patty—to bring the thrill of grilling plant-based meat to a backyard near you. Additional itemsfrom snacks, beverages, ice cream and morecan be purchased on-demand from DashMart to complete the gathering.  

Rebecca Infusino, VP of Retail Sales, Beyond Meat, stated, “This 4th of July weekend, we’re excited to partner with DoorDash to further our mission to make plant-based options more accessible to all.”… “There’s nothing more classic and delicious than a perfectly grilled, juicy burger on a hot summer day. We’ve made this classic pastime even better this summer with the great taste and nutritional benefits of our newest Beyond Burger, and the unbeatable convenience of having it delivered to your BBQ in under an hour.”  

Andrew Ladd, Director of New Verticals at DoorDash, stated “We’re thrilled to partner with Beyond Meat to offer customers their favorite grilling essentials conveniently from DashMart.” … “At DoorDash we’re committed to bringing customers all the best of their neighborhoods for every occasion, and as summer gets under way we’re excited to unveil this exclusive kit perfect for any BBQ while giving people access to the essentials they need on-demand.” 

The limited-edition kits will be available exclusively on DashMart starting July 1 for $14.99, while supplies last, in 14 cities across the United States, including:  

·         Baltimore, MD

·         Chicago, IL

·         Cincinnati, OH

·         Columbus, OH

·         Dallas, TX

·         Denver, CO

·         Detroit, MI

·         Houston, TX

·         Indianapolis, IN

·         Las Vegas, NV

·         Los Gatos, CA

·         Minneapolis, MN

·         San Diego, CA

·         Tampa, F

Do you have a Director of New Verticals? What new avenues of fresh food distribution are you entering?  Have you entered the fresh frozen food court?  Success does leave clues.  What is your growth rate?

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