Tuesday, June 15, 2021

If You Have Kids Walmart’s has a Helpful Service


 At the intersection of keeping the family fed, food in the refrigerator, snacks on the shelf, milk, coffee, dippers; and work, Walmart has a new service that can help. When Mom and Dad are asked What’s for Dinner, the solution just may be Walmart more often than not according to Steven Johnson, Grocerant Guru® at Tacoma, WA based Foodservice Solutions®.

Walmart Chief Financial Officer Brett Biggs said during a Baird virtual conference recently. “Efficiency improvements in distribution centers and store-adjacent microfulfillment centers as well as on store floors themselves will help Walmart "be able to flex in the way that the customer wants to shop.”

Today, that translates in customer relevance for both Gen Z and Millennial consumers as they are digital native and starting families.  Which all of our regular readers know means that they are time starved, tired, and looking for little ways each day to make life a bit easier.

Biggs, continued, "The way we're thinking about capital and putting capital toward omni-fulfillment, omni-technology—that's where we're going as a company, and I feel really good about it,"

So, one of the services poised to deliver greater flexibility for Walmart customers is in-home delivery, which is currently available in select neighborhoods in Kansas City; Pittsburgh; Vero Beach and Palm Beach County, Fla; and around Walmart's home base of Bentonville, Ark.

At the Intersection of 

What's For Dinner

And the Consumer

Grocerant Guru

The cost is a $19.95 monthly fee after a free 30-day trial, Walmart InHome users can get unlimited tip-free deliveries into their kitchen, whether they're home or away. Delivery personnel will put away groceries in refrigerators or freezers as needed; they also wear face masks and sanitize surfaces before leaving a residence.

Biggs, believes Walmart "can just keep us on the leading edge of everything that's going on around the customers' lives," There's no need for customers to be home within a certain window of time to be able to put away temperature-sensitive groceries, and the service opens the door—literally—for customers to be able to make more-convenient returns: Customers who want to return an eligible item they bought from a Walmart store or on Walmart.com can place the item outside their door, sans shipping or return label, for pickup by an InHome associate. Coming soon, according to Walmart's website, is in-home pharmacy delivery.

"We're really excited about not just winning the porch, but winning the inside of that kitchen," Biggs said.

Walmart's is the country's biggest grocery seller—and one of the more accessible options for fresh foods in some communities underserved by traditional grocery stores.  The $19.95 a month fee is not that bad for families without a second car, or without a car at all, for single parents needing help with the kids and shopping, and seniors tired of shopping.

Walmart’s inside the kitchen program is a service for all that is looking a customer ahead.  How are you helping families save time cooking dinner?  

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