Monday, November 15, 2021

Cooking Thanksgiving Aldi offers Plenty, plus Quality, Price


Fun, Family, or ‘Friendsgiving’ cooking a Thanksgiving meal at home can be a chore if you have not done it before.  According to Steven Johnson, Grocerant Guru® at Tacoma, WA based Foodservice Solutions® the number one obstacle to cooking a Thanksgiving meal at home is deciding just ‘what to cook’ for the meal.

Recent Grocerant ScoreCards found that 83.4% rated ‘What to Cook’ for Thanksgiving was the number one reason not to cook, with 79.8% not knowing how to cook the meal, followed by 69 % saying that they going home/ friends to eat Thanksgiving Dinner.

Aldi is doing all the right things to garner Millennials too their table of offerings.  New research from FMI’s U.S. Grocery Shopper Trends report found that 64% of all U.S. shoppers have purchased groceries online, and 29% of online shoppers are buying digitally every week.  In addition, the report found that 49% of consumers are cooking or preparing their own meals more now than before the pandemic and 42% say that they “like or love” to shop for groceries.

So, while Thanksgiving food prices rise in the United States, Aldi is offering the complete holiday meal for an ultra-low price. Both in-store and online, shoppers can buy a Butterball turkey, multiple sides and a classic pumpkin pie for just $30. It’s at the intersection of yesterday and today when you combine  online offerings that match in-store offering plus with ‘price’ it elevates brand messaging according to Johnson.

Dave Rinaldo, co-president of Aldi U.S., stated, "Soon we’ll be reconnecting with family and friends around the Thanksgiving table,” …“I’m incredibly proud that for less than $30, Aldi shoppers can prepare a delicious Thanksgiving meal, including the turkey, sweet potatoes, pumpkin pie and more. With that kind of savings, you may have room for an extra chair or two around the table this year."  

Growing Garnering

Share of Stomach

Regular reader of this blog know that supply chain, combined with meal product inflation, have driven up prices for traditional basic Thanksgiving menu items, and they  are expected to be significantly higher than usual this year, with several item categories seeing elevated shortages, including liquid gravy, whipped toppings and prepared pie crusts.

Now, according to an Aldi-commissioned survey of 2,200 Americans via Morning Consult, nearly 90% of hosts expect to spend $50 or more for a Thanksgiving meal for up to 10 guests. At Aldi, shoppers can expect to spend at least 40% less.

In addition to customer savings, Aldi is giving back to its own staff. For the second year in a row, Aldi is thanking its workers by giving every employee two $30 gift cards to cover the cost of two Thanksgiving meals.  Anyone have a friend that works at Aldi, it just might be time to give them a ‘shout-out’.

Rinaldo continued, “The culture of kindness that exists among the Aldi community is nothing short of remarkable,” … “From gifting a bouquet of flowers to a stranger, to paying for another shopper’s groceries, our fans are always helping each other out. We’re proud to carry that tradition forward this Thanksgiving and pay-it-forward in our communities.”  Remember Aldi has more than 2,1005 stores in the U.S. and continues to garner market share from legacy food retailers. 

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