Wednesday, November 24, 2021

Wingstop Better-4-You Better-4-all of US


Grocerant niche mix and match meal bundling is a hallmark at Wingstop. Consider all of the flavors of wings and full-flavored sides that can be mixed and matched into a perfect game day, any day, meal, or snack, into a customized better 4 you experience.  However, it is the power of quality messaging choices at Wingstop that drive customers back time and time again. 

It not just the food that consumers think is better-4-you at Wingstop, its new uniform program is a valued brand messaging platform as well.  Their new uniforms feature an array of clothing made from recycled plastic water bottles. Yes, made from water bottle! You have to like that!

So, based on Wingstop’s anticipated order volume and usage, the brand estimates more than two million plastic water bottles will be recycled to make the new clothing. Sustainable clothing is just one of many initiatives Wingstop is implementing to support its Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) efforts.

Wingstop Chief Growth Officer Marisa Carona, stated, "As Wingstop continues expanding and growing, we're mindful of our footprint and how we give back to the communities in which we serve," … "The new uniform program is an exciting step toward making large-scale changes for the better and is a great asset as we continue curating a highly-engaged workforce that is proud of where they work and what that company stands for."

Get this, the stylish yet eco-friendly uniform line from The LogoLink Group, affiliate partner of Boundless Network, features a front of house "crew member tee," back of house "chef shirt," manager polos, caps and visors as well as optional outwear like vests and jackets. Not only can team members feel great in updated fashionable and functional uniforms, they can also feel good about reducing their footprint. Sample benefits from Wingstop's sustainable uniforms:

·         Crew member tee = 6 bottles

·         Chef shirt = 10 bottles

·         Manager polo = 20 bottles

Once the great branded messaging continues, with the launch of Wingstop's new uniform program comes just months after the brand moved into its new Global Support Center (GSC) in Addison, Texas, which is 100 percent powered by local wind from the Engie Live Oak Wind Farm in San Angelo, Texas. After acquiring the building in 2019, the three-story, single occupancy corporate office building underwent a complete interior renovation requiring more than a year of design and conceptual strategy. Excess building materials, furniture, and office supplies collected during the renovation were donated on behalf of Wingstop Charities to the Dallas Area Habitat for Humanity, Genesis Women's Shelter, and Cristo Rey Fort Worth College Prep.

There is more, to capture Wingstop's great work and commitment to ESG, Wingstop launched a website called Flavor for Good, which outlines three key focus areas for the brand: waste management; diversity, equity and inclusion; and community. How is you brand messaging integrated?

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