Thursday, November 4, 2021

TikTok, TikTok, it’s Time To Talk Turkey


Steven Johnson, Grocerant Guru® at Tacoma, WA based Foodservice Solutions® has been talking turkey for the holidays and without a doubt he brings up a story on Butterball.  Well, this year is no different with the exception like restaurants Butterball is talking turkey on TikTok.

That’s right Butterball is talking turkey again, but across more channels and in more detail. Butterball has operated a perennially popular help line for preparing holiday turkey dinners for 40 years, is adding to its seasonal services with a new Turkey Talk-Line Taste Kitchen, with streaming videos shared on its website and posted on social media platforms like TikTok.  

Rebecca Welch, senior brand manager, seasonal business at Butterball, stated, “Tthe idea was borne from the number of novice cooks who delved into holiday cooking during the largely stay-at-home year of 2020. “While home cooks are excited for the holiday, more than a third of novice Thanksgiving hosts reported lacking the confidence in their hosting abilities,”  

Welch continued, “Through the Butterball Taste Kitchen, our Talk-Line experts are able to engage with this new generation of hosts on social media and inspire them to try something fresh and exciting, while giving them the confidence they need to be successful. That way, they can spend less time worrying about cooking and more time enjoying the special moments of the holiday.”

You should check-out all the new additions to going over turkey basics, the new digital offering includes pro tips from Butterball’s experts on the latest cooking trends and ideas. Each recipe tested in the new Turkey Talk-Line Test Kitchen has the Butterball seal of approval and was inspired by food trends that have gone viral or at least caught a lot of attention on social media platforms. Examples include a stuffing waffle sandwich, Thanksgiving roll-ups and pickle-brined turkey, among others.

Regular readers of this blog know that the timing is right to mix up the longstanding talk line tradition, according to the brand leaders. A survey conducted for Butterball found that 83% of consumers think social media is a great place to get menu inspiration or recipes for Thanksgiving. Nearly 3 in 4 people (73%) have cooked or prepared food or a meal based on a viral food trend from a social media platform.

“It’s been incredible to see the Turkey Talk-Line continue to reimagine ways to help hosts create a delicious Thanksgiving meal, with a turkey at the center, just like we always have,” added Nicole Johnson, director of the Butterball Turkey Talk-Line.

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