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Meal Ideas For When You’re in a Hurry


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Eating healthier is a goal for many, but it can be hard to do when there are places to be and things to do throughout the day. No matter how busy someone is, however, there are healthy options to try. Use the following recipes whenever you’re in a hurry for a fast meal or snack.

Opt for Pre-Made Meals

Pre-made meals are perfect for people on the go, as all that’s needed is to heat them up, and they’re ready to eat. Try the fast meals available through a meal plan or pick a day of the week to make meals and snacks ahead of time. If there isn’t a lot of time during the week, meal plans can save the day.

Pita Pockets

Pita pockets are easy to make, and the ingredients can vary. Try lettuce, shaved carrots, and other veggies along with chicken or shrimp. Get creative and try different flavors or ingredients with the pita pockets. The best part? If they’re not overstuffed, they’re easy to eat with one hand.

Skillet Mac and Cheese

Mac and cheese is always a family favorite. Made in a skillet, it’s a simple meal that can be made with just one pan. It doesn’t require a ton of work, so it can be made while you’re doing other things in the kitchen, and when it’s done, you don’t have many dishes to do.

Breakfast Tacos

Tacos are always great, but cooking everything can take time. Instead, try easy breakfast tacos. Add breakfast ingredients like hashbrowns and avocado to a tortilla or fold up a pancake and add eggs, cheese, and bacon for a delicious breakfast taco everyone in the family will love.

DIY Salads

Don’t make salads for everyone in the family. If time is of the essence, set out the ingredients and have everyone make their own salad. If everything is left in the container for self-serve, it can all be put away without creating a ton of extra dishes to wash. Plus, everyone can make the salad according to their own preferences.

Yogurt Fruit Cups

Yogurt is an excellent food with plenty of benefits, but sometimes you may just want something a little more. Add a drizzle of honey and fresh fruit like strawberries to create a more filling yogurt that’s going to taste amazing. These can be mixed together in a mason jar for an easy snack to eat at work or in the five minutes at home before heading out the door again.

Breakfast for Dinner

Breakfast for dinner is always a great idea. Most breakfast foods are easy to cook and don’t take a lot of time. Try scrambled eggs, bacon, breakfast potatoes, and grits for a yummy and filling meal.

If you’re always on the go, but you want to eat healthier meals, finding the right meals to cook without taking a lot of time is crucial. Try out all of the options here to find out what your family is going to love and what you’re going to enjoy cooking again and again. 

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