Wednesday, March 30, 2022

What’s for Dinner at Foodtown MEALS


Foodtown is once again looking at all of the hot button consumer focused touchpoints.  This time they are focusing on the number one consumer hot button touchpoint and that is What’s for Dinner. Steven Johnson, Grocerant Guru® at Tacoma, WA based Foodservice Solutions®, stated, “Everyday the number one consumer focused touchpoint is what’s for dinner.

Johnson continued, “The vast majority of consumers are not looking for ingredients, nor do they desire to cook a meal from scratch.  What they are looking for are grocerant niche Ready-2-Eat and Heat-N-Eat fresh prepared Mix & Match meal components that can be bundled into a customized family meal.”

Below are some insights from recent Grocerant ScoreCards:

1.       Recent Grocerant ScoreCards found 81.1% of consumers don’t know what’s for dinner at Noon, and 61.1 don’t know what’ s for dinner at 4PM %.

    1. Roughly 63.7% of consumers purchase prepared food items from a retail location at least three times a month.
    2. 79.6% all dinners have at least 1 grocerant niche Ready-2-Eat and Heat-N-Eat meal component and 66.6% have two meal components.
    3. When asked if they wanted to cook dinner from scratch or assemble dinner from fresh meal components 91.3 % of Gen Z chose assemble from Fresh Prepared Meal Components and Millennials 83.4% chose meal components.
    4. Seventy-three percent of retail prepared food purchases are taken to go
    5. Prepared food purchases are frequently a planned purchase among 61.2% of shoppers, while 40.9% of shoppers said they buy prepared foods on impulse. Dinner has the highest amount of prepared food buys with 81.7% of respondents making purchases for that meal, while lunch comes in at 76.9% and breakfast at 61.4%.
    6. 57.8% of consumers would like to add Alcohol to a dinner order

 In A Battle For Share of Stomach

Are you Winning? 

Now back to just what Foodtown is doing.  In a campaign created by Allegiance Retail Services kicked off with social media, advertising and retail promotions. The new marketing campaign for its Foodtown banner with the message “Quality Meals Begin at Foodtown” to illustrate the brand’s commitment to offering fresh perishables, quality products, and exceptional service. The campaign is being rolled out to all 65 Foodtown stores in New York, New Jersey and Pennsylvania, both in-store and online. 

Donna Zambo, vice president, chief marketing officer at ARS, stated, “Quality comes in many forms. But what most people want is more quality time with friends, family, or even themselves,” … “I think we all know that it can be hard to make time for life. And it’s even more difficult making the most of the time that we do get. At Foodtown, we know that without quality food, service and nutrition, quality time wouldn’t be quite as meaningful. Birthdays, anniversaries, game nights, workouts, late night study sessions and play dates are all everyday moments that make us who we are. We want to be there with our shoppers by providing fresh, quality food options for these times.” 

So, the campaign positions Foodtown as an integral member of the community dedicated to the well-being of not only its customers but associates too. Throughout the pandemic, shoppers learned to depend on their local grocers as partners in their family’s overall wellness. The new campaign underscores Foodtown’s commitment to make it easy to provide nutritious meals and snacks as families return to the pre-pandemic activities of work, school, sports, hobbies and togetherness. 

Now, the rebranding campaign is supported through strategic marketing channels, including social media, digital media, store websites, along with broadcast and print advertising, and retail promotions, sponsorships, and events. 

While driving an emotional and practical appeal, the digital campaign will focus on the benefits of quality time and show how consumers can enjoy more of it when “Quality Meals Begin at Foodtown.” The print promotional campaign will highlight the store’s quality products and feature Foodtown’s fresh, high-quality produce, meat, seafood, deli, and bakery products. 

In addition, a new Foodtown logo lockup was created featuring the tagline “Locally Owned, Family Operated,” to remind shoppers of Foodtown’s ongoing dedication to its connection to each distinct neighborhood it serves.

Zambo continued, “It is an exciting time to launch this new Foodtown rebranding campaign as people are starting to come together again after the pandemic,” …. “Food brings people together, and we are happy to celebrate the return of that quality of life.”  Meals need to be on your menu!

Don’t over reach. Are you ready for some fresh ideations? Do your food marketing ideations look more like yesterday than tomorrow? Interested in learning how Foodservice Solutions® can edify your retail food brand while creating a platform for consumer convenient meal participationdifferentiation and individualization?  Email us at: or visit us on our social media sites by clicking the following links: Facebook,  LinkedIn, or Twitter

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