Saturday, December 24, 2022

Is The Chain Restaurant Business Model Shaken or Broken


It’s that time of year that Foodservice Solutions® Grocerant Guru®, Steven Johnson asks “do consumers want more home-cooked Meals in 2023 than they eat in 2022?  What is a home cooked meal?  That said, what does that mean for chain restaurant sales? 

Well one online grocery store Peapod, found that Millennials were particularly interested in whipping up meals at home in a study Peapod, found more than three-quarters (77 percent) of said that they'd rather eat a homemade meal than go out for dinner. What's more, they're planning to make good on this in the new year: 43 percent intend to cook more …. the number rising to 59 percent for Millennials.

What else did they find?

1.       Reasons for cooking at home include cost savings (77 percent),

2.       Eating healthier (51 percent) 

3.       Family time (41 percent overall, 48 percent for Millennials).

4.       The weekdays are the top times to cook at home, Wednesday being the top day to cook from scratch (75 percent) or using meal kits (51 percent).

5.       The biggest food resolutions are to eat healthier (53 percent), eat less processed food (51 percent) and order less takeout (40 percent).

6.       Keeping it simple will be important for Americans, with 47 percent of all adults surveyed wishing to take advantage of at least one of the following: click-and-collect (27 percent), home delivery (26 percent) and/or meal kit delivery (20 percent).

7.       Men are more interested than women in using a meal kit (23 percent versus 18 percent), as are Millennials compared with Baby Boomers (60 percent vs 31 percent).

8.       Millennials show far more interest than Boomers in creating weekly meal plans (51 percent versus 16 percent), cooking with kids (39 percent versus 9 percent) and using home delivery (29 percent versus 10 percent). It's likely that having children leads to all three of these being more important to Millennials than to the Boomer generation.

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