Thursday, December 8, 2022

Pizza Hut’s Triple Treat Box is a Good Reason Not to Cook Tonight

With out admitting that consumer adoption of all things grocerant niche, Pizza Hut is picking up one the grocerant theme one again to garner incremental customer relevance, drive brand awareness, top-line sales, and bottom-line profits according to Steven Johnson Grocerant Guru® at Tacoma, WA based Foodservice Solutions®.

Even for most of the readers of this blog, the holidays can certainly bring on the stress when it comes to the kitchen.  Most of you do not possesses top chef skills to whip up the perfect holiday meal, nor do you want too.

Now according to a recent survey from Pizza Hut, 74% of Americans said they cook or bake more than usual during the winter holiday season – and 60% of Americans said they feel the stress that comes with it.

I’m sure you know that from family celebrations to gatherings with friends to even festive baking for neighbors – all of that holiday cooking and increased time spent in the kitchen can come with some cooking failures. Over half of people (55%) have admitted to ruining a holiday dish, according to the survey. 

They must have been reading our blog again as Pizza Hut went on to say, “Overcooked that casserole? Burned that home-baked pie?”  So, Pizza Hut wants to come to the rescue this year. From December 1 through December 24, should you find yourself in a pinch due to a last-minute cooking failure, simply email a photo of it to the holiday rescue line,, for a chance to receive Pizza Hut’s beloved, limited-edition holiday offering – the Triple Treat Box – for free. 

This is simply just fun, after all, 62% of people who participated in the survey also admitted to having wished they just ordered a pizza instead of preparing a big holiday meal. 

We recommend you try the Triple Treat Box at least once this holiday season.  It is available now at participating Pizza Hut locations nationwide featuring a holiday-themed box complete with two medium, one-topping pizzas, five breadsticks and ten Cinnabon Mini Rolls. You can find the holiday favorite for $24.99 (prices may vary) for a limited time.

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