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Grocerants: Winning Big Time, and Here's How to Capitalize


They call me the Grocerant Guru®, and for good reason. In 1996, I wasn't just spotting a trend, I was defining a whole new niche in the food industry: the grocerant.

Back then, I saw a unique opportunity – a place where grocery stores and restaurants collided. I coined the term "grocerant" to describe this innovative concept, and wrote about it in major publications like Nation's Restaurant News and Restaurant Business.

The grocerant space has exploded since then, and I'm proud to say I was there at the very beginning. It wasn't just about identifying a trend, it was about quantifying, and qualifying this exciting new sales platform.

Today, I continue to work with leading foodservice companies, helping them navigate the ever-evolving world of grocerants. The grocerant niche is my legacy, and I'm thrilled to see it shaping the future of food retail.

As the Grocerant Guru®, I'm thrilled to see my predictions come true! Foodservice at retail is booming, and restaurants, convenience stores, and supermarkets are wise to jump on board.

Why the surge? It's a perfect storm of convenience, affordability, and pandemic-induced home cooking fatigue. People want delicious, ready-made options without the restaurant price tag.

Here's what retailers that want to win a larger share of stomach can do to win in the grocerant game:

1.       Be the "Easy Button" for Dinner: Offer a variety of grab-and-go meals, perfect for busy weeknights. Think salads, hot entrees, and sides – all ready to heat or eat.

2.       Cater to the Lunch Crowd: With more people working from home, lunchtime options are key. Expand your lunch menu with fresh, convenient choices.

3.       Become a Destination: Partner with local restaurants or offer unique signature items to set yourself apart. Think smoked meats, rotisserie chicken with a twist, or prepared meals inspired by global cuisines.

4.       Embrace Technology: Use kiosks to streamline ordering, personalize recommendations, and improve wait times. Automation in food prep can also boost efficiency and quality.

The future of grocerants is bright! By understanding consumer needs and offering innovative solutions, supermarkets can become the go-to spot for delicious and convenient meals.

Invite Foodservice Solutions® to complete a Grocerant ScoreCard, or for product positioning or placement assistance, or call our Grocerant Guru®.  Since 1991 Foodservice Solutions® of Tacoma, WA has been the global leader in the Grocerant niche. Contact: or 253-759-7869

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