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Hand Held Food for Immediate Consumption Will Drive Casey’s General Stores Growth


At the intersection of consumers trends, pizza delivery success, and branded line extensions Casey’s General Stores have added new hand-held food menu items for immediate consumption is a perfect fit Edifying its consumer focused grocerant niche Ready-2-Eat and Heat-N-Eat fresh prepared menu in the minds-eye of the consumer, according to Steven Johnson Grocerant Guru® at Tacoma, WA based Foodservice Solutions®. Here are some of the reasons according to Johnson:

1.       Convenience: Casey's General Stores are often located in convenient locations, such as along highways or in rural areas. Customers who are on the go and short on time appreciate the ability to grab a quick and easy bite to eat without having to stop at a restaurant or sit down for a meal.

2.       Impulse purchases: Hand-held food items are often impulse purchases, meaning that customers may not have planned on buying them but are enticed by their convenient packaging and tempting displays. This can be especially true for customers who are hungry or tired, which can be common for people traveling or stopping at a gas station.

3.       Variety: Casey's can offer a wide variety of hand-held food options to cater to different tastes and dietary needs. This could include items like:

4.       Sandwiches: Pre-made sandwiches, hot dogs, and burritos are popular choices for a quick and filling meal.

5.       Snacks: Casey's can offer a variety of sweet and savory snacks, such as chips, candy bars, fruit, and trail mix.

6.       Baked goods: Fresh-baked donuts, muffins, and cookies are popular grab-and-go options for breakfast or a sweet treat.

7.       Beverages: Casey's can offer a variety of beverages to complement hand-held food items, such as coffee, fountain drinks, bottled water, and energy drinks.

8.       Profitability: Hand-held food items typically have a high profit margin for convenience stores like Casey's. This means that the store can make a good profit on each item sold.

9.       Minimal preparation: Most hand-held food items require minimal preparation, which allows Casey's to keep labor costs low and ensure that customers can quickly get what they need.

Overall, hand-held food for immediate consumption is a strategic fit for Casey's General Store due to its convenience, impulse appeal, variety, profitability, and ease of preparation. These factors combine to make it a popular and profitable category for the store.

Brad Haga, senior vice president of prepared food and dispensed beverages at Casey's, stated, "Our guests will be delighted when they find all of these delicious sandwiches in our warmers now, including my personal favorite — the Spicy Crispy Chicken," ... "In partnership with our culinary and operations teams, and our suppliers, we nailed these new sandwiches. The guest feedback from our soft launch has been overwhelmingly positive and now we're sharing with all of Casey's Country that we are the place to get a high-quality sandwich when you're on-the-go."

Now let’s look at the four new sandwiches:

·         Spicy Crispy Chicken Sandwich — Made with a marinated and breaded fillet in a blend of red chili pepper and spices, served with crunchy dill pickle chips on a warm, brioche-style bun

·         Crispy Chicken Sandwich — Made with a marinated and breaded fillet in a blend of savory spices, served with crunchy dill pickle chips on a warm, brioche-style bun

·         Quarter Pound Angus Beef Burger — Topped with melted American cheese and served on a warm, brioche-style bun

·         Breaded Pork Sandwich — Made with a delicious pork fritter and served on a warm, brioche-style bun

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