Thursday, March 21, 2024

Domino’s Winning NCAA March Madness First Weekend with 50 Percent Off


Rekindling our favorite college memories, it seems every Spring the NCAA March Madness brings the country together elevating college basketball to the top-of-mind sport creating almost more social media buzz than a door blowing out/off an airplane. Ok that’s a bit much but there is quite a bit of truth to it.   According to Steven Johnson Grocerant Guru® at Tacoma, WA based Foodservice Solutions® Domino’s understand that there are a few reasons why pizza makes the perfect NCAA Basketball tournament watching food:

1.       Shareable: Pizza is a classic party food, ideal for feeding a group of friends during a watch party. It comes in various sizes, so you can easily cater to the number of people. Plus, with multiple slices, everyone can get their preferred toppings.

2.       Convenient: Ordering pizza delivery is quick and hassle-free. No need to leave the game or spend time prepping ingredients. Perfect for those intense buzzer-beaters and close finishes.

3.       Finger Food: No utensils required! Pizza is easy to grab and munch on between plays, allowing you to keep your eyes glued to the screen without missing a beat.

4.       Variety: With countless topping combinations, there's a pizza to please everyone. From classic pepperoni to veggie lovers and meat-lovers, everyone can find their favorite slice.

5.       Crowd-Pleaser: Pizza is a universally loved food. It's a safe bet that most people will enjoy it, reducing the risk of picky eaters spoiling the fun.

6.       Game-Time Compatible: You can easily eat pizza while cheering, celebrating, or commiserating over close calls.

So, with its convenience, shareability, and deliciousness, pizza reigns supreme as the perfect NCAA Basketball tournament watching food.

Now then, Domino’s is celebrating college basketball’s biggest month by offering customers 50 percent off all menu-priced pizzas ordered online today through March 24.

Christopher Thomas-Moore, Domino’s senior vice president – chief digital officer, stated, “Domino’s is making an assist to customers for a slam dunk of a deal,” ... “What’s better than enjoying delicious pizza while cheering on your favorite team? Enjoying delicious pizza when it’s half off!”

Yes, the 50 percent off deal is available on menu-priced pizzas ordered through Domino’s online ordering channels, which include and Domino’s mobile app.

Fun Facts – Domino’s and Basketball

Domino’s sold more than 3 million pizzas during the men’s 2023 national semifinals and championship game nights combined – enough to give more than 45 pizzas to each person attending the final game in Arizona this year.

During the 2023 men’s and women’s college basketball tournaments, Domino’s produced enough dough to match the weight of more than 22 million basketballs.

It takes 69 Domino’s pizza boxes stacked from the floor of a basketball court to reach the hoop.

It takes more than 4,500 Domino’s pizza boxes to cover a 4,600-square-foot basketball court.

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