Thursday, December 14, 2017

Will the 7-ElevenNow App Deliver Disruption

Foodservice Solutions® team was the first to tell you about how 7-Eleven planned to extend e-commerce in the Philippines with options that could become very disruptive to both the restaurant and grocery sectors.  Steven Johnson, our Grocerant Guru® warned that if this mass market test worked 7-Eleven would target the US next.  Well the new 7-ElevenNow App is here. 

How fast is you’re online food ordering App?  Our Grocerant Guru® believes that the new 7-Eleven’s own smartphone app for on-demand ordering and delivery is one of the best in the US. While testing of the “7-ElevenNOW’ App at the first with 10 of its Dallas stores has just begun. It is clear to us that the rollout and testing in the Philippines went well enough that they are planning to roll out the 7-ElevenNow app to other U.S. markets in 2018.

For those of you that from time to time forget 7-Eleven has more than 61,210 retail stores worldwide.  7-Eleven just might be the only retailer with the platform to challenge Amazon's Prime Now, the internet shopping juggernaut's speediest delivery service.  So just what might that mean for your fresh food sales?
Currently 7-Eleven customers have the ability to have fresh food items delivered including Slurpee’s.  Many of you have also forgotten that 7-Eleven banded, trademarked and has been selling Slurpee’s since 1969.  7-eleven with over 61,201 stores is one of the world’s best food marketing companies.

The team at Foodservice Solutions® believes that 7-Eleven ability to mix, match and bundled products via the 7-ElevenNOW App is become a industry leading disruptive force for both chain restaurants and grocery stores.
Currenlty 7-ElevenNow has "hundreds" of items including snacks, cosmetics, gift cards and home goods. Orders will be filled by 7-Eleven store employees, but deliveries will be made by services such as Postmates. If delivery is selected, the app will locate the nearest participating store and, once the order is placed it will notify a courier service. 

7-Eleven's chief digital officer Gurmeet Singh said the proprietary app "is redefining convenience."  Victor Paterno while speaking about how 7-Eleven Philippines is taking e-commerce mass market stated “Basically, we are using our logistics efficiencies to enable new e-commerce models. 
After placing their order, shoppers choose whether their order will be delivered or picked up. If delivery is selected, the app will auto-locate the nearest participating store and, once the order is placed, send it to a courier service. The courier picks up the customer’s prepped products at the store and delivers them to the customer’s location.
If shoppers choose the pick-up option, they select their preferred store. The order will be waiting for them at the register. Customers can pay for both delivery and pickup via the app. Customers that enroll for the service will receive free delivery on their first order, the company reported.
Sing continued “The app will enable our customers to get the products they want, when and where they want them, quickly and conveniently,”…. “This is redefining convenience.” Is your fresh food convenient? Is your App fast? What is customer relevance today?  Meal Kits? What’s the Next Big Thing?  Call us we know!

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