Wednesday, May 13, 2020

Yuno BioTactical Drinks Complement a Grocerant Meal

One of the hallmarks driving the success of the Grocerant Niche is Mix and Match meal bundling according to Steven Johnson, Grocerant Guru® at Tacoma, WA based Foodservice Solutions®. Johnson stated, “Yuno BioTactical Drinks wide variety of beverages can complement most any daypart including breakfast, lunch, dinner, snacking and as a comforting beverage prior to bedtime.”
While grocerant niche mix and match meal bundling continues to drive sales in every sector of foodservice today. Yuno’s meal component pairings extend the reach of the meal and complement the mix and match consumer touchpoint according to Johnson while extending the halo of 'better-4-you'. 
The halo of ‘better-4-you’ that consumers associate with grocerant niche meals is a perfect fit with Yuno’s biotactical approach to product development.  It’s Yuno’s goal to bring the underappreciated beneficial aspects of nature to the world via its line of six drinks. 

Yuno’s beverages are made with over 100 all-natural superfood ingredients designed to maximize body and mid nutrition. The ingredients were scientifically chosen and formulated through a proprietary process to increase bioavailability, natural absorption, and hydration.
What is important for retailers is that Yuno’s beverages can be delivered or shipped with grocerant niche meals and or meal components.  Each beverage comes in its own 2oz package its not heavy, not bulky, not plastic. If success does leave clues bundling mix & match beverages that are ‘better-4-you’ is a sure want to drive positive consumer touchpoints.  
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