Monday, June 20, 2016

Foodservice Innovation Focusing on Portioned Fresh Meals

Consumers want to eat Ready-2-Eat and Heat-N-Eat fresh prepared meals at home that require less time to cook, eliminate planning, reduce time shopping and that everyone in the family likes according to Foodservice Solutions® Grocerant Guru®.
In a new study by Culinary Visions Panel found “consumers enjoy new experiences when dining at home with 84 percent of respondents stating they sometimes, usually or always like trying new dishes and flavors.”.
Culinary Visions identified some “challenges consumers face when cooking at home. Thirty-eight percent of respondents state that cooking at home takes too long, while 36 percent of respondents say that if grocery shopping were easier, they would cook at home more often. Those surveyed cite frustration at having to shop at several stores to buy all the necessary ingredients for a recipe.”  All echoing what regular readers of this blog read right here. 

Here is some new information from the study “Nearly eight out of 10 (79 percent) of those surveyed are interested in purchasing meal kits at a local grocery store. Broken down by age, 92 percent of respondents ages 39 and younger express an interest in purchasing meal kits at a retail operation, which is 25 percent more than those ages 40 and older.  

The study found that “The greatest appeal of meal kits is the time users save.” once again echoing finding from our Grocerant Guru®. Here are some additional findings:

1.        73 percent of consumers state that the right cost would encourage an actual purchase of a meal kit at retail locations such as a local grocery store.
  1. 26 percent of respondents say they would cook at home more often if a local retail store offered meal kits, compared to 14 percent if meal kits were delivered to the home.
  2. 77 percent of consumers define cooking as "cooking from a recipe with raw ingredients," and 61 percent also consider "assembling ingredients that include a convenient item like a fully prepared sauce or seasoning mix" as cooking.
4.        63 percent selected "saves me time,"
5.        60 percent selected "hassle-free,"
6.        35 percent selected "helps me cook like a chef,"
7.        32 percent selected "it's a great value," 
8.        27 percent selected "there is no waste”

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