Wednesday, July 26, 2017

Meal Kit’s Disrupting or a Family Solution

If success does leave clues the growth of the ‘meal kit’ sector just might be a clue that restaurants and grocery stores sectors want to take a second look at and reflect on the true nature of the growth of the meal kit sector according to Tacoma, WA based Foodservice Solutions® Grocerant Guru®, Steven Johnson.  

Back in the day the team at Foodservice Solutions® identified, quantified, and qualified ‘the 65 inch HDTV Syndrome’ which helped define the foundation creating a platform for one solution we now call the Meal Kit sector.  The simple fact is consumers want to cook, eat, and be home watching their big screen TV’s in order to save time. Kinda like what fast food restaurants did to grocery stores save consumers time.

David Sprinkle, research director for Packaged Facts notes that “the meal kit delivery services space, which has mushroomed to $5 billion in sales”… “Meal kit delivery services are a specialized sector but widely disruptive force in the food industry. This space is the most striking example of the movement toward greater convenience in getting fresh foods to the consumer,…And new approaches to fresh food groceries are consumers are most interested in, and what will determine the winners and losers of the current food industry re-set.”

Today there are is no one single leader within the meal kit sector Blue Apron (at a 17% share), Freshology, Green Chef, HelloFresh, and Home Bistro—the top five players in the market, according to June 2017 consumer survey by packaged-facts.  Three-quarters of U.S. adults have heard of delivery services for fresh food meal kits to cook at home, and a quarter of adults have undertaken at least a free product trial. Advertising by meal kit delivery services providers is by far the top source of information.

Consumers like the solution meal kits provide its just that simple.  Sprinkle continued “Although there is lane-changing (in terms of suppliers) and attrition in use of meat kit delivery services, particularly after free or heavily discounted product trials, almost all (97%) current fresh meal kit delivery services subscribers are using the company they originally signed up with, and nearly that percentage (90%) would recommend fresh meal kit delivery services to their friends.”

The team at Foodservice Solutions® asks are you providing a solution, a service, or a value added attribute to the food you sell?  Are you doing what you have always done or what others in your sector have always done or are you focused on the customer first? 

Are you ready for some fresh ideations? Do your food marketing tactics look more like yesterday that tomorrow?  Visit for more information or contact: Remember success does leave clues and we just may the clue you need to propel your continued success.

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