Wednesday, January 6, 2016

Casey's General Stores C-store, Restaurant or Both?

When Casey’s General Store reported its 2015 yearly sales numbers there was not a single person that was surprised with another year of outstanding year over year same store sales.  Casey’s reported that grocery & general merchandise same store sales were up 7.8% for 2015.  That was impressive, but the numbers that they reported for grocerant niche Ready-2-Eat and Heat-N-Eat fresh prepared food were once again even better; they were up year over year 12.4%.  With three year totals up approximately 33%!

So, we ask how are your sales year over year? Are you driving top line growth and bottom line profits with new customers?  Are you ready to drive incremental sales with grocerant niche Mix and Match bundling? Casey’s understands that their success depends on the blended performance of their online and offline offerings, not just one or the other.  Casey’s is integrating consumer relevance both on line and offline. 

Casey’s General Stores Inc.  is ready for continued growth, new customers, and incremental grocerant niche Ready-2-Eat and Heat-N-Eat food sales.  To that end Casey’s rolled out a new Casey’s app which is available for customers to order pizza, made-to-order sub sandwiches and appetizers. Casey’s is not just a C-store, nor is it a restaurant.  Clearly Casey’s is a Grocerant and Grocerant leader!

Casey’s recently completed the implementation of online ordering in all of its convenience stores chain wide, and the app makes online ordering more convenient for customers using their mobile devices.

Casey’s Chairman, and CEO Robert J. Myers said; “We consider innovations such as online ordering and a mobile app additional ways we can make our products and services more accessible to our customers.” This is a cool feature Casey’s app has a feature that enables a customer to see the locations of all Casey’s stores between destinations along a planned travel route.

Casey’s General Stores has 1904 units open at the end of 2015.  Casey’s is not an aberration, it is a large company that believes focusing on the customer is important and that customer outcomes are more important than tradition.  Casey’s is evolving with consumers.  Are you?

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