Friday, January 22, 2016

Three Things You Forgot about Starbucks

The retail foodservice industry has to be envious of Starbucks.  If success does leave clues and Foodservice Solutions® Grocerant Guru® believes it does.  There has to be some clues other than the fact that this company founded 45 years ago continues to out preform the vast majority of the industry in year over year same store sales growth, year over year customer count growth, and multi-channel development. 

We should first look at what they continue to do 45 years after they began.  In the quarter just completed Starbucks drove year over year same store sales up 9% in the US and Americas, 8% globally with year over year customer counts up 4%.  But that’s not all.

Starbucks consolidated net revenues rose 12% to a record $5.4 Billion in total sales Multi-channel development revenues rose 16%.  OK, think about it.  After 45 years Starbucks continues to expanding top line sales and bottom line profits that my friends is simply OUTSTANDING.  For all of you who are going to once again call or email me and say, O’ that’s Starbucks.  Don’t waste your time.  You know what I will say once again.  Yes, that is Starbucks and you are not.  The real question is why? 

So, let’s get to the three things you forgot about Starbucks:

1.       The Starbucks Brand is Consumer Interactive and Participatory.
2.       Food and Beverage Innovation is Customer Focused.
3.       Change is Constant, Surprise and Delight Are a Daily Occurrence. 

Howard Schultz is more than a restaurateur Schultz is a Food Merchant.  He understands that consumers are dynamic not static.  Schultz has the wisdom, the vision, and the leadership abilities to continually evolve the brand, the products and their reach.   Starbucks may be 45 years old this year but it is more relevant today to consumers than ever before.  Once again we congratulate the team at Starbucks on a job well done. 

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