Tuesday, March 20, 2018

Little Caesars Technology will Fuel Growth

Foodservice Solutions® Grocerant Guru® Steven Johnson says that ‘looking a customer ahead’ is what industry leading companies do time and time again.  This week we learned that Little Caesars filed a patent to increase store profitability when they applied for a patent for pizza making robot.
According to the United States Trademark and Patent Office USTPO the patent granted franchisor Little Caesars Enterprises on Tuesday, the device can pull a dough-loaded pizza pan from a rack, press out the dough, apply sauce, add cheese and toppings and then place the pie in an oven.
While Little Caesars has commented about the possible deployment of the automated pizza-maker the fact is the patent was applied for and granted.  Kinda makes you think they are serious about reducing staffing levels at each unit lowering operating cost doesn’t it.  So, according to the filing, is an articulated arm that can grip the pan and move it along the various stages of pizza assembly is it’s point of differentiation.
How is technology helping you evolve?  Little Caesars is not alone in the pizza robot business as Zume Pizza has five robots (Pepe, Giorgio, Marta, Bruno, and Vincenzo) on its pizza production line. The company has secured $48 million in funding for expansion.
Regular readers of this blog know that the robotization within retail foodservice is more experimentation than reality as CaliBurger, a small burger chain, had to bench its Flippy burger-flipping robot earlier this week because humans couldn't keep up with the cyborg's pace of prepping 2,000 burgers per day. Is your company ‘looking a customer ahead’?
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