Wednesday, March 7, 2018

10 Things Foodservice Retailers Can Learn from McDonald’s

From time to time when the team at Foodservice Solutions® sees something posted that we know will benefit our regular readers we repost it here.  This is one of those cases.  We found this article at 1851 Magazine written by Mary Zavell.  McDonald’s has firmly cemented itself into consumer minds across the globe our team thinks Mary nailed this article.
The yellow arches alone are iconic and recognized across countries and cultures. How does this brand go about building an empire and what lessons can other franchises learn from it? Here they are 10 things Mary Zavell noted in her article:
1. Never underestimate the power of marketing.
McDonald’s is constantly engaging in marketing efforts and doing so with a strong sense of consistency in order to reinforce its messaging.
2. Adopt healthy options to appeal to changing consumer taste without compromising the speed of your service.
While it is important to be aware of consumer preferences, it is also critical that speed is not diminished. Fans expect a certain level of efficiency from brands.
3. Be innovating in a way that continues to service clients as markets change.
McDonald’s has always been willing to change. Having this adaptability will help brands reach long-term success because they will be able to grow with the industry.
4. Embrace new technology.
McDonald’s has never been afraid of utilizing new technology, and these investments have paid off for the company by increasing its operational efficiency. The integration of kiosks allows fans to place orders quickly and reduce time spent waiting in line.
5. Keep it simple.
McDonald’s offers a streamlined number-based menu system that helps move people through the ordering process as quickly as possible. Rather than listing out all the menu items a customer would like to order, a simple number suffices to cover nearly everything.
6. Do not fear change.
McDonald’s has shifted its approach to real estate over the years. Though locations now require a smaller footprint, they have increased drive-thru opportunities. This change has helped them to capitalize on changing consumer preferences towards taking food to go.
7. Grow with existing owners.
One way that McDonald’s has been able to maintain efficiency and consistency is by growing within and focusing on multi-unit operators. These franchisees are able to personally oversee and deliver the same experience over a range of restaurants which helps the brand maintain the same level of quality.
8. Keep your process tight.
Brands with streamlined procedures tend to experience more consistent results and are able to replicate this success from one location to the next. Having structure and set guidelines for all aspects of the business will help with creating a standardized experience.
9. Remember that ubiquity doesn’t breed success.
The biggest player doesn’t always experience the most financial success. While McDonald’s is a widely recognizable name, it is not necessarily on top from a monetary perspective.
10. Keep things in perspective.
Just because a brand is on top does not mean that this will always be the case. Be aware of what is happening within the industry and adapt to changes. McDonald’s has experienced dips and surges in popularity over the years, and this can be expected from other franchises.
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