Monday, March 5, 2018

Faster Fresh Legal Seafood

Consumers are dynamic not static and chain restaurants need to be as dynamic as consumers according to Steven Johnson, Grocerant Guru® at Tacoma, WA based Foodservice Solutions® Boston-based casual-dining seafood chain Legal Sea Foods is evolving with its customers with dynamic relevance.
In an effort to offer fresher, faster, seafood Legal Seafood is opening a 850-square-foot space in the Quincy Market Building.  It will feature six signature bowls, customizable bowls and a “liquid bowl,” which is Legal’s signature clam chowder.
Empowering customer choice customers can select a base of brown rice, jasmine rice, mixed field greens, zucchini “noodles”, or lo mein noodles. Then they can top it with hoisin glazed salmon, marinated organic shrimp, tuna poke, salmon poke, spicy tuna, soy-ginger chicken or kung pao tofu. The seafood proteins are $5 and the others are $3. Customers can also get the bowls without protein for $7.95.
With that price point consumers get up to three toppings, the ilk of roasted cauliflower and shallots, grilledlemon kale, seaweed salad, edamame, rainbow carrots or shaved Romano cheese. Additionally they have a choice of one crunchy toppings: spiced seeds and nuts, wasabi peas, sunflower seeds, nori furikake or sesame seeds. Finally they have a choice of dressing: sesame ginger, cider Dijon, orange chipotle, olive oil and vinegar, tahini, or poke sauce.
The signature bowls are $13.95 except for the Chicky Chicky Bang Bang, which is $11.95 and features soy-ginger chicken over jasmine rice with grilled lemon kale, spicy roasted sweet potatoes, charred broccoli, sunflower seeds and orange-chipotle dressing. The other bowls are:
Tunanimous Choice: Sesame ginger tuna poke, jasmine rice, seaweed salad, charred broccoli, kimchi, radishes, nori furikake and poke sauce
Salmon Poke-Manna From Heaven: Sesame ginger salmon poke, brown rice, avocado, marinated tomatoes & cucumbers, rainbow carrots, scallions, spiced seeds and nuts, and poke sauce
Noodle it Over Shrimp: Marinated shrimp, lo mein noodles, marinated mushrooms, rainbow carrots, spicy roasted sweet potatoes, cucumbers, scallions, basil, cilantro, mint and tahini
Pick Your Hoisin: Hoisin-glazed salmon, grilled lemon kale, charred broccoli, zucchini noodles, sunflower seeds, sesame seeds, red pepper flakes, avocado and cider Dijon dressing
Tuna Spiced Nice: Spicy tuna, sushi rice, avocado, edamame, cucumber, wasabi peas, tobiko and tamari
Legal Fish Bowl also offers three house-made drinks for $2.50 each: lemonade; organic green tea with mint, basil and elderflower syrup; and Haymaker’s Punch with raw honey, apple cider vinegar and ginger. How are you improving service, reducing cost, and selling fresh food faster? 
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