Tuesday, May 25, 2021

NASCAR Track Food Delivered to Your Home


If you like going to watch a NASCAR race, there is a good chance one of the memorable moments you remember will include some ‘Track’ food.  Well sports fans, do we have some good news for you today.  NASCAR fans will now will have the opportunity to enjoy dishes inspired by some of the most iconic NASCAR track menu items any time of the year through NASCAR Refuel, a delivery-only virtual restaurant.

Steven Johnson, Grocerant Guru® at Tacoma, WA based Foodservice Solutions® stated “when Virtual Dining Concepts announced a nationwide collaboration with NASCAR, NASCAR Refuel, allowing every day to be like a day at the racetrack. The true value of non-traditional fresh food retailers will soon be realized, elevated to a superhighway, then delivered to your front door.”

So, for the first time ever, fans of the NASCAR will have the opportunity to enjoy dishes inspired by some of the most iconic NASCAR track menu items any time of the year through NASCAR Refuel, a delivery-only virtual restaurant.

These crave-worthy memorable fresh food meals, snacks, and treats were, until now, only available at racetrack concession stands, but with NASCAR Refuel they will be available to order year-round, and Virtual Dining Concepts is inviting restaurants to get in on the action.  

So, here is how it works; “restaurants of any size that currently have an operating kitchen that meet our criteria can now sign up to serve NASCAR Refuel. Without impacting their daily operations, restaurateurs can simply utilize their existing equipment and staff to operate the delivery-only virtual brand and generate incremental revenue. Similar to other Virtual Dining Concepts brands, NASCAR Refuel’s menu will only be available online without affecting a restaurant’s in-person dining and pick-up options.”  

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A  Battle for Share of Stomach

Robert Earl, Founder of Virtual Dining Concepts, stated, “In less than one year, we’ve proven our virtual dining model to be a successful source of income for our restaurant partners throughout the entire country,” … “We now have the exciting opportunity for my fellow restaurateurs to serve some of the most popular dishes from one of America’s most beloved sports. We know life is better at the races, and with NASCAR Refuel, fans get to enjoy dishes from their hometown racetrack and beyond any day of the year.”

Sports fans, foodies, and I no longer need to wait until race day to enjoy the meals that we grown to love at the NASCAR track.  So, the menu will be comprised of the most celebrated dishes handpicked from 12 NASCAR-owned racetracks around the country, NASCAR Refuel’s online offerings will include a variety of hot dogs such as the legendary Martinsville Hot Dog, the spicy Daytona Firecracker Dog, The Glen Dog and the Classic Chili Cheese Dog, and sandwiches including the Darlington Pimento Cheese Sandwich, the Phoenix Carburetor Crunch, the Miami Cuban Sandwich and the Auto Club Hot Lap Burger. Other fan favorites will also be added to the menu including the Michigan Chicken & Waffle on a Stick and the Kansas City Barbecue Parfait, among others.  

With a national launch set for August 2021, restaurants that operate NASCAR Refuel will be able to serve more customers and diversify their business by leveraging the strength of NASCAR’s fanbase. 

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