Monday, May 17, 2021

Enmarket’s New Mobile App Empowers Consumers


Do things seem to complicated to you in these ever-evolving times?  According to Steven Johnson, Grocerant Guru® at Tacoma, WA based Foodservice Solutions® who stated, “Consumers are demanding more, migrating to new mobile technology faster and faster, foodservice operators must evolve as fast as consumers or risk losing customers.”

Johnson, continued, “consumers are dynamic not static and your brand must be dynamic as well. … Grocerant niche adoption is unpresented in both size reaching into every sector of retail foodservice today at its core is CONVENIENCE.  In consumer’s minds-eye convenience is embolden with technology. “

Regular readers of this blog are familiar with Enmarket, a foodservice company that operates 129 convenience stores, 14 quick-serve restaurants, and two fast-casual restaurants in Georgia, North Carolina and South Carolina. Enmarket knows it hard to keep up with customers but they are doing a very good job.  Let’s look at some NPD data points for of the reasons they are evolving:

1.       From March 2020 to March 2021 restaurant digital orders grew 124 percent compared to prior year.

2.       Digital orders for carry-out, which represented 62 percent of all digital orders, increased by 130 percent, and digital orders for delivery grew by 140 percent in the period compared to year ago and held 38 percent share of total restaurant digital orders.

3.       Digital ordering offered full-service restaurants, which operated under varying degrees of mandated dine-in restrictions throughout the pandemic, much needed support. Prior to the pandemic full-service restaurants represented 10 percent share of digital orders, as of the year ending March 31, the segment held 16 percent share and saw a 237 percent increase in digital orders during the period versus year ago.

4.       Quick service digital orders, which represented the remaining 84 percent share, also realized triple-digit growth of 111 percent.

5.       Restaurant apps and websites are the most used channels for digital ordering, representing 62% of all digital orders. However, digital orders through third-party apps, like DoorDash or UberEats, grew by 207 percent in the period over year ago compared to the 98 percent increase in digital orders through restaurant apps and websites.

That said, Enmarket has released a new mobile app that focuses on reducing customer touchpoints inside stores. The app's mobile payment option allows customers to pay for fuel or in-store merchandise directly and securely, eliminating the need to touch the PIN pad or swipe a card.

So, as an alternate touch-free option, customers can bypass the cash register entirely by using the app's Scan and Go technology, powered by Skip Checkout. The feature allows shoppers to scan products using their smartphones and pay for the purchase directly from the app.

In a Battle for Share of Stomach

Technology Matters

Consider that both mobile pay and Scan and Go are fully integrated with Enmarket's Enjoy Rewards loyalty program, allowing customers to earn points and redeem rewards regardless of the transaction type you can see they are doing things right.

Enmarket President Brett Giesick, stated, “Enmarket is dedicated to innovative technology that drives convenience for our customers," .. "Our new app continues that tradition. Customers can leave their credit cards in their wallet — or at home — and pay directly from our app without worrying about security. It also enhances the benefits of our loyalty program, Enjoy Rewards, so that our customers save money as well as time."

Get this, in addition to offering touch-free payment options, the app includes features such as finding the nearest Enmarket location, viewing current fuel prices, checking an Enjoy Rewards point balance, and monitoring progress on frequency clubs and fuel rewards. App users can also sign up for enPay, Enmarket's proprietary payment card that saves 10 cents per gallon on fuel. Not bad, a valued reward.

Success does leave clues. One clue that time and time again continues to resurface is “the consumer is dynamic not static”.  Regular readers of this blog know that is the common refrain of Steven Johnson, Grocerant Guru® at Tacoma, WA based Foodservice Solutions®.  Our Grocerant Guru® can help your company edify your brand with relevance.  Call 253-759-7869 for more information. 

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