Wednesday, January 3, 2018

Foodservice from Shelf Life to Popping Fresh

Foodservice Solutions® Grocerant Guru®, has been curating how consumers are migrating from legacy CPG foods to fresh and how consumers are migrating from traditional restaurants to new non-traditional fresh food outlets the ilk of IKEA, Nordstrom’s, and Tommy Bahama’s since 1991. 

Many CPG manufactures are now taking legacy shelf stable CPG products from the self to fresh and planning them not on a shelf but in a retail foodservice outlet.  One such product is Cheetos.  Snacking giant PepsiCo’s Frito-Lay division is evolving the Cheetos brand as Cheetos will be the star of the show at Regal theater concession stands.
Cheetos Popcorn, featuring Cheetos-flavored popcorn mixed with Crunchy Cheetos, is now at least 15 at participating Regal Cinemas nationwide. Sean Mathews, director of marketing, Frito-Lay North America stated  “We’re excited to give moviegoers a chance to experience Cheetos in an unexpected and delicious new way through our first national theater partnership,”
Mathews continued  “Cheetos and popcorn are the ultimate movie snack combination, and Regal Cinemas is the perfect partner to launch Cheetos Popcorn nationally.”  While Regal Cinemas is the first national cinema chain to offer Cheetos Popcorn don’t for a minute thing that it will not be at a theater venue near you soon. 
John Curry, senior vice-president of foodservice, Regal Cinemas  stated “Cheetos Popcorn is our gift to Regal fans enjoying their favorite movie this holiday season,” .. “We are thrilled to partner with an iconic brand like Cheetos to deliver blockbuster snack choices to moviegoers.”
Cheetos Popcorn features light, airy Regal popcorn that has been puffed to perfection and paired with warm, cheesy Cheetos flavor and Crunchy Cheetos to create the perfect cinema snack.  The team at Foodservice Solutions® once again asks where are you selling your food?  Has your customer moved?

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