Wednesday, January 24, 2018

Le Macaron Growth Means Smaller Fresher Faster

Retail foodservice business models continue to evolve Amazon Go is fresh convenience food fast with a small foot print and Le Macaron new nontraditional franchise opportunity is another leading company expanding with a flexible viable reduced footprint according to Tacoma, WA based Foodservice Solutions® Grocerant Guru®, Steven Johnson.
Le Macaron French Pastries announced a new nontraditional franchise opportunity in the form of a mobile food cart. Folded into its overall growth strategy Le Macaron has evolved it business model that requires less upfront investment it is a new opportunity for franchise partners who are seeking flexibility with their business.
The new Le Macaron franchise opportunity aims to lean into the growing quick-serve and snack brand trend of kiosks, mobile carts, and express locations. As consumers’ on-the-go lifestyle continues to accelerate, Le Macaron French Pastries seeks to capitalize on these captive audiences at malls, sporting events, festivals and other gatherings. The investment for Le Macaron French Pastries’ new mobile food cart opportunity ranges between $91,7500 to $127,000.
Rosalie Guillem, CEO and co-founder of Le Macaron French Pastries  stated “We wanted to create an opportunity that allows our franchisees to work in nonconventional environments and offer guests a sweet treat when they are unable to access one of our locations,”… “Our products are small and can easily be eaten on the go, so a mobile food cart aligns directly with our brand. This will only accelerate our growth as we welcome a new group of franchisees looking to enter the fast-casual industry.”
Le Macaron French Pastries is known for providing guests with a light dessert with lesser calories, the brand offers more than 20 flavors of macarons, as well as seasonal flavors, and the menu extends to include pastries, gelato, coffee, cakes, ├ęclairs so you can see how this new model is a very good fit.
Guillem continued “We saw an opportunity to treat the American palate with our authentic recipes while bringing our family together,”.. “As a result of our brand’s popularity, we created a business model that can grow rapidly throughout the nation and requires zero on-site baking for franchisees. We are able to give our guests products that are always fresh and superior to others on the market as we continue to expand our concept.”
Le Macaron French Pastries closed 2017 with 45 units awarded and seeks to add new single and multi-unit franchisees in 2018. Interested prospects should have a strong desire to own a business, as well as a passion for the dessert space and success.  Is your business model evolving?

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