Thursday, April 7, 2022

At Bojangles Customer Relevance is A Valued Touchpoint


When your Hot your Hot!  Bojangles has an outstanding feel for customer hot button pain points.  If there is an issue bothering consumer’s they try their best to solve it if it is at one of their restaurants or in messaging from the Bojangles brand itself. 

Steven Johnson, Grocerant Guru® at Tacoma, WA based Foodservice Solutions®, stated, “Bojangles gathers data on trends affecting consumers and integrates that with their proprietary data and it is at that intersection they excel at elevating solutions to edify their relationships with consumers.”

Here is a one great example: Bojangles is Giving Away $10 Gas Gift Cards with Family Meals

So, according to data compiled by AAA, gas prices reached the highest levels on record in March 2022. Bojangles is giving away $1 million in free gas to help customers offset the rising cost of fueling up their tanks. Just think about it.  That is 100,000 ten-dollar gift cards. If you get one, you’re going to tell a friend!  That’s right good news travels just as fast as bad news does.  This is 100,000 points of good news.

Now understand, this is good only until supplies run out, every purchase of a Bojangles Family Meal – featuring 12 or 20 pieces of bone-in chicken, plus scratch-made biscuits, choice of home-style fixins and Legendary Iced Tea – will come with a $10 gas gift card. 

Jackie Woodward, Bojangles Chief Brand and Marketing Officer, stated, "Southerners are known for being friendly neighbors, so as a Southern brand, it’s in our DNA to want to help our customers who are feeling the pain of soaring gas prices,” …. “We don’t want anyone to have to choose between enjoying a delicious meal with the family or buying gas, so let Bojangles help with both.”

Once again, according to data compiled by AAA, gas prices reached the highest levels on record in March 2022. As a family-forward chain known for providing great food and tremendous value, Bojangles saw an opportunity to rally and help thousands of customers during the gas crunch.

Woodward continued, “This is the first time in Bojangles’ history that we’ve ever given away $1 million, but we know our customers are worth it, and we’re just glad that we could come together with all of our franchisees to support them,”.

The $10 gas cards are available while supplies last on all 12- or 20-piece bone-in chicken Family Meals purchased in-store, at the drive-thru or with order ahead using the Bojangles app. Family Meals featuring Chicken Supremes, as well as all delivery orders, are not eligible.

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