Monday, November 12, 2012

Grocerant Niche Garners Baby Boomers for Sales Growth

Baby boomers continue to drive sales of new grocerant food products, demographic shifts particularly empty nesters living longer and living is smaller family units than ever before will continue to drive change for years to come. Ready-2-eat and Heat-N-eat fresh prepared food is booming.

Richard Cope was quoted saying “as people are working longer into retirement, there is a greater need for products geared towards vitality and health in a more senior workforce. “At the moment energy drinks, foods and snacks are marketed towards the youth market,” he said, “but they will become more about getting people through the day at an older age.”
We are entering a new era in food retailing.  This new era is the era of the grocerant niche. It is bringing new products while creating new avenues of fresh food distribution.  Men are increasingly shopping for the family looking at products for the first time or for new products that either cater to traditional male preferences or new family focused products.
Cope wonders “While retailers may presume they are pitching to women shopping for families, Cope questions whether there is a need for more masculine takes on health and value.  Times are evolving and the grocerant niche is leading the pack in fresh prepared foodservice.
Ready-2-eat and Heat-N-eat fresh prepared food that can be portable is now being sold at traditional restaurants, grocery stores, drug stores, C-stores and dollar stores. Blend in new avenues food of distribution, with traditional products packaged with a “twist” and your company can witness sales success.

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