Friday, November 2, 2012

Hilton to Open 800 Restaurants with a focus on Grocerant niche fresh prepared food.

Restaurant customers are dynamic not static and Hilton Worldwide knows it as well as anyone.  Hilton recently completed survey of 22,000 guest, owners and operators to learn how people eat at home could be leveraged into how they would eat on the road. 

Beth Scott, vice president of food and beverage for Hilton Worldwide concepts stated as a result of the survey “we decided to reinvent the hotel dining model to better serve the needs, wants and lifestyle of our customers.” Scott then developed three new concepts that will debut around the world in 2013.  The concepts are: Herb n’ Kitchen, Made Market and Brickstones Grill.

Each of the concepts is designed at addressing the fact that hotel guess spend less time in fine dining restaurants and are opting more and more for quick and convenient items instead.

Herb n’ Kitchen, was developed for Hilton Hotels and Resorts it “infuses gourmet items into a retail experience and gives guests a transparent view of the kitchen. Additionally, the self-service model offers hotels flexibility to transition from lunch to dinner and may include a variety of options from a live-action station to made-to-order or pre-made salads and sandwiches or the bar and barista zone, depending on location.”

Made Market, a concept developed for DoubleTree by Hilton will be an “all-day eatery combines the ease of a market with the allure of a brick oven gastro pub. Made Market will offer fresh coffee and pastries to a pint of artisan beer it will have a ready-2-eat or ready-2-go option.

Brickstones Grill  targeting Embassy Suites brand “offers a contemporary experience that seamlessly transitions cooked-to-order breakfast to a-la-carte for lunch or dinner…it will feature American dishes, served in single or family portions, created within the iconic brick pizza oven, open pit grill and rotisserie.  Again many items will be available for room deliver or take-away.
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