Saturday, July 23, 2016

7-Eleven and Flirtey Team-Up for Fresh Food Drone Delivery

Don’t look-up and say get out of here if you spot a drone; you just might be saying Oh, Thank Heaven its 7-Eleven.  The next time you see a drone in your backyard it might be one from 7-Eleven delivering a ‘Big Bite, Slurpee, or Coffee and a Donut!  That’s right 7-Eleven is expanding its technology capabilities to include to autonomous drone delivery to a customer’s residence; and our Grocerant Guru® says Great Move.
Success does leave clues and like its core customers 7-Eleven is a dynamic company not static.  This time, the convenience store chain teamed up with drone delivery service Flirtey to complete the first fully autonomous drone delivery. 
7-Eleven reported that “This delivery is the first time a U.S. customer has received a package to their home via drone, representing a historic milestone, according to the companies. The delivery was conducted in celebration of 7-Eleven’s 89th birthday.” 
The report went on to elaborate that “At a Reno 7-Eleven store, two deliveries were successfully completed. 7-Eleven merchandise — including hot and cold food items — was loaded into a Flirtey drone delivery container and flown autonomously using precision GPS to a local customer’s house. Once at the family’s backyard, the Flirtey drone hovered in place and gently lowered each package.”
Time is the true commodity in retail according to Foodservice Solutions® Grocerant Guru®. The purchases were delivered to the family in the span of a few minutes. Products included Slurpee drinks, a chicken sandwich, doughnuts, hot coffee and 7-Select candy. 
“My wife and I both work and have three small children ages seven, six and one. The convenience of having access to instant, 24/7 drone delivery is priceless,” stated Michael, the Reno resident who received the Flirtey delivery. “It’s amazing that a flying robot just delivered us food and drinks in a matter of minutes.”
Jesus H. Delgado-Jenkins, 7-Eleven’s executive vice president and chief merchandising officer stated that “7-Eleven will not stop at this single drone test delivery. It plans to expand drone delivery tests and work closely with Flirtey, .. In the future, both companies expect drone packages to include everyday essentials such as batteries and sunscreen.”
Delgado-Jenkins continued “Drone delivery is the ultimate convenience for our customers and these efforts create enormous opportunities to redefine convenience,”… “This delivery marks the first time a retailer has worked with a drone delivery company to transport immediate consumables from store to home. In the future, we plan to make the entire assortment in our stores available for delivery to customers in minutes.
All retailers grocery stores, restaurants, drug stores and the like must understand that customers have demanding schedules, most are on-the-go 24/7 and turn to technology daily for help.  Why would they not accept drove delivery?  
Domino’s Pizza had ovens in pizza delivery vehicles and there sales are soaring.  Can you imagine what will happen to 7-Elevens sales from customer trials alone?  Consumers are dynamic not static? What proactive steps have you taken for your customers lately?
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At KFC this was a joke.  But 7-Eleven has done what other only talk and laugh about.  Are you a Dynamic Company Moving with Customers?  

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