Sunday, July 10, 2016

Amazon’s Private Label Products are Treasured by Millennials

If Millennials are your primary target market you had better know that they are buying private label diapers from Amazon and telling all their friends and reported by Foodservice Solutions® team two years ago that they are the ‘best diaper at the best price’.  Why does that matter to a food retailer?  Simple Amazon Fresh Deliver’s restaurant meals, fresh grocery produce, fresh foods, frozen food you name it.  they deliver it. .  They even have a "Treasure Truck" adding to the fun of saving and discovery. 

In an recent report preview Carbonview Research, found that “Amazon is rolling out an array of shelf-stable private label products, including nuts, spices, baby food, coffee, tea, vitamins, diapers and laundry detergent. Amazon has created brand names for these new private label products, such as Mama Bear, Happy Valley, Presto! and Wickedly Prime.

Rich Ratcliff, senior vice president of Carbonview Research. “Millennials especially love Amazon.”  Ratcliff continued What's more, grocery shoppers expect Amazon’s private label products to be of higher quality than competitor private label products due to Amazon's strong brand name”

Foodservice Solutions® team believes “What started as a love affair with diapers is evolving with private lave fresh food, restaurant meals, meal kits.   The kicker is that Amazon Prime can deliver most within one hour to a growing number of cities.”  What’s Amazon’s formula simple better, faster, cheaper.

Carbonview’s study found “nearly two-thirds of millennial survey respondents (63 percent) are current Prime members, followed by 55 percent of those in Generation X and 45 percent of baby boomers.” So if you’re a food retailer how are you going to be different? 

Success does leave clues and our Grocerant Guru® says that “it is time for distinctive differentiated messaging and positioning within the Ready-2-Eat and Heat-N-Eat fresh prepared grocerant niche.”
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