Wednesday, July 6, 2016

Puma Energy’s Grocerant Niche 7th Street Café Growing

The global undercurrents of grocerant growth can be seen in Singapore-based Puma Energy’s new 7th Street Café’s and Kitchens. Puma’s retail network is growing quickly with more than 2,300 sites in 47 countries and 125 service stations in Australia.  Puma is now rolling out 20 of its new 7th Street Cafes and Kitchens in Australia.  

7th Street Café and Kitchens is soundly designed leveraging the undercurrents of the universal commonalities of consumers key drivers within grocerant niche Ready-2-Eat and Heat-N-Eat fresh prepared food space according to Foodservice Solutions® Grocerant Guru®. 
Puma Energy Australia General manager Ray Taylor stated “this new concept incorporation launched in the wake of consumer research that was taken on to find out why many customers failed to utilize service station convenience outlets. Consumers were really visiting service stations cate and convenience stores as a last resort, rather than a first port-of-call for a decent meal and good service.” 
Puma focused on the customers “7th Street stores were designed for the customer, which means a store layout that’s easy to navigate with clearly labelled portals for food, coffee or service, and other features like free Wi-Fi, phone recharging, and comfortable seating areas. “Essentially we’ve taken the traditional service station and given it a makeover into something that more closely resembles the products and service you would expect from your friendly, local cafe” according to Taylor.
Taylor went on to add that the menu line-up would be branded, fresh, and local when possible for 7th Street and currently includes Brubecks salads, the popular YouFoodz range, gourmet chicken wraps and Brazilian coffee beans. “Where we can, we source fresh food from local Australian suppliers,”.
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