Saturday, August 17, 2019

At McDonald's Packaging Matters But is that Enough

Regular readers of this blog ask have asked What is McCafé?  When Steven Johnson, our Tacoma, WA based Grocerant Guru® probes those asking the questions, there is one underling question that all that asked have in common that is: Why do they limit what  McCafé an idea, a tagline, or a move to grocerant positioning?
So, when we heard McCafé U.S. is refreshing its brand look and feel to celebrate 10 years. The new brand identity includes an updated logo, new golden cups that matches its gold standard for quality coffee and a new brand tagline: “Good is Brewing.” I guess the answer is COFFEE. In 2019 Johnson ask is that enough to drive incremental sales, reduce labor cost, and extend the McDonald’s brand reach?
Yes, Packaging helps but will the new look on McCafé cups, pastry bags and additional packaging at McDonald’s restaurants around the country drive sales?  While the ‘halo’ of better-for-you drives millennials to buy more will chain’s newly designed McCafé hot beverage cups will continue to be Forest Stewardship Council-Certified make a difference?  Did you know that the cups were ‘Forest Stewardship Council-Certified’?
If reducing labor cost is at all top of mind at McDonald’s, then Vice President of Menu Innovation, Linda VanGosen might want to consider how to leverage McCafe’ to garner new incremental customers with new grocerant niche meal, menu, and magic according to Johnson.
VanGosen sated “Over the years, we’ve been focused on elevating the McCafé experience—from adding more choices, evolving the in-restaurant experience and broadening accessibility to this important brand,” .. “This latest update is a natural evolution of the steps we’ve taken to modernize the brand experience and deliver growth. We remain excited about coffee, and will continue to prioritize making McCafé a go-to coffee destination for customers.”  Seems to the staff at Foodservice Solutions® once again that the status quo is a step back.  Consumers are dynamic not static and McDonald’s should not rest on the past but move forward with consumers.
McDonald’s, McCafé is a platform that could be used to drive top line sales, bottom-line profits all while reducing unit labor cost.  If success leaves clues and it does McDonald’s will evolve this platform.
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