Saturday, February 8, 2020

Boston Market Stumbles, Bumbles, and Fumbles

Every time we write about Boston Market, we inevitably receive an Email asking: how is it that Boston Market does not understand today’s consumers?  Or they ask: is it that they don’t like the growth and store sales that Scott Beck was able to develop?
First, I want to say as regular readers of this blog know, I like and respect Scott Beck.  I did not meet him when the company was still called Boston Chicken.  I met him after they expanded the name to Boston Market, while I was working with cybermeals.
Beck’s ability to articulate, understand, time starved consumers, and the price, value, service equilibrium was simply unparalleled within the food industry at time.  I will say here right now that in my minds-eye no one that has come after him to lead Boston Market has come close to being able to execute a mission statement that has any relevance for today’s consumers.   
Back in the day when Sun Capital Partners bought Boston Market it had 630 stores open. Last year with only 454 stores open; they closed 10% leaving them with around 400 units for ‘underperformance’.  Food industry insiders know that Sun Capital Partners has not has much success growing brands it bought within the restaurant sector.  However, Boston Market has to be one of its biggest disappoints since the grocerant niche continue to BOOM.  
The simple fact is Boston Markets has had plans, strategic pathways, and CEO after CEO and none of them have had a plan to edify the need-set of the consumer.  The attributes of grocerant niche Ready-2-Eat and Heat-N-Eat fresh prepared are absent if you look at the stores.  No one knows why, but while the slow dribbling of store closures continues.  Boston Market has another plan.

In another sign that CPA's must be running Boston Market rather than the food marketing team, Boston Market Baby Back Ribs, the new limited edition BAE-by Back Ribs Bouquet will be available for purchase on Friday, February 14 in all Boston Market restaurants nationwide while supplies last for $29.99 each. So, how can they be so out of touch with today's consumers? If you know drop us a line.  
Yes, all of that is according Foodservice Solutions® own Tacoma, WA based Grocerant Guru®, Steven Johnson.
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