Wednesday, February 19, 2020

Parker’s Kitchen Program is an Open Invitation for Restaurant Customers

Consumers are dynamic not static and Parker’s Convenience stores created a new platform in the way of its Parker’s Kitchen concept that fast-casual restaurant and quick service restaurants will find appealing, attractive and accommodating according to Steven Johnson, Grocerant Guru® at Tacoma, WA based Foodservice Solutions®.
C-store Decisions recently recognized Parker’s with a “Best Foodservice Launch” designation for its Parker’s Kitchen concept.  Parker’s Kitchen concept is focused on ‘local fresh food favorites’ according to Johnson.  Parker’s Kitchen serves southern-style comfort food, made from scratch daily in small batches using fresh ingredients. The offering includes a selection of breakfast, lunch and dinner items that look to take convenience store food to a new level.  Grocerant niche fresh food fast with southern twist.
Greg Parker, founder and CEO of Parker’s and Parker’s Kitchen stated “All of our new stores are branded as Parker’s Kitchen and include our award-winning menu of Southern-inspired favorites as well as freshly brewed sweet tea, lemonade, fountain drinks with Chewy ice, bean-to-cup gourmet coffee and much more,”
Battle for Share of Stomach

Parker continued “We’re using machine learning and innovative algorithms that incorporate a wide range of data to give us predictive analytics that help us make chicken tenders before the customer orders them to ensure that everything is as fresh as possible,” … “Our goal is for every chicken tender we sell to be cooked within 15 minutes of being delivered to the customer.”
Sounds as if Parkers Kitchen want to sell fresh food fresher that a QSR or Fast Casual Restaurant can while offering more mix & match meal bunding options.  That according to Johnson is the honey on the biscuit that will garner incremental customer frequency and restaurant customer migration.
Targeting grocery store customers as well the new menu also offers family-sized meals for less than $20, which include Southern-style chicken tenders or bone-in chicken, homestyle sides, yeast rolls and freshly brewed iced tea. Mix & Match meal component bunding is one of the hallmarks of the Grocerant niche according to Johnson.
 Parker went on “Our goal is to offer the fastest, most frictionless experience and the highest quality food, allowing our customers to fuel their cars as well as their appetites. We believe technology plays a key role in making foodservice more convenient than ever for our customers,” Who are you targeting for growth?
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