Saturday, April 20, 2019

Yum Brands Focus Grow Same Store Sales Uncle Maddio’s was Selling franchises.

Taco Bell is one of Yum Brands renewed brands with a clear focus on building same store sales edifying the franchisees all the while relentlessly focused on the customer according to Steven Johnson, Grocerant Guru® at Tacoma, WA based Foodservice Solutions® as opposed to Uncle Maddio’s  a ‘fast casual’ restaurant that appeared focused on selling franchises.
Yes, I know there is a large size difference in the chains but what is important is if you want to grow focus on the customer at all times.  Last year Uncle Maddio’s system sales decline 14%, they had a high of 42 units and were touted by legacy trade magazines as a ‘top' growth leader.  Today, they have 29 locations.
What Greg Creed and Yum Brands team understands it that it is always about the customer.  They understand that you need to engage the consumer with interactive participatory meals, merchandise, messaging if you want to edify the brand according to Johnson. Here is how it’s done:
“In an open letter, Taco Bell is challenging the long-standing tradition of eating tacos on a predetermined day of the week: Tuesday. Should any one day have all the taco glory just because it makes for a good hashtag? No. Times are changing and so are societal food norms. Which is why Taco Bell wants fans to “reBELL" against this alliteration and live every day like it’s Taco Tuesday.
Taco Bell is bringing this taco liberation to life in its newest campaign, “Taco reBELLion,” that encourages fans to break away from Tuesday customs and enjoy tacos with their crew any night of the week. Launching on April 21, the 60 second spot shows three taco gangs (the Hard Shells, the Soft Shells and Los Locos) coming together to rebel against the tradition of tacos on Tuesdays and together they fight, in the form of an epic dance-off, for tacos any night.
Chief Global Brand Officer Marisa Thalberg has a rallying message for taco fans everywhere: “Of course we love that there is a day of the week dedicated to tacos, but we believe it’s time to challenge societal norms and for our fans and their friends feel empowered to enjoy tacos without limits. When you think of tacos, you should think getting together with friends, not just one day of the week.”
To further empower squads to join the taco uprising, Taco Bell is also launching a new line of reBELLious merchandise. Available on the Taco Shop, the new shirts and patches allow taco nonconformists to show off their taco pride and pledge their support for “Taco Any Day.” Because every rally needs fuel, Taco Bell is offering 15 percent off Party Packs for a limited time. 
Fans looking to take advantage of the offer can jump onto, or the Grubhub app to place their order at the nearest restaurant with delivery available. It’s time to reBELL and empower groups to party with tacos from Taco Monday to Taco Sunday.”  Is your menu, merchandise, and messaging interactive and participatory?
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